Watercolour Pan Set With Water Brush

This portable watercolour kit is ideal for outdoor sketching, travel or simple home sketches/ illustrations. A great option for someone who is starting to learn watercolour but wants to work with a wide variety of hues.


Solid Watercolour Painting Set (18 colours) by Marie contains:

  • 18 Solid watercolour pans
  • 1 Water brush
  • 1 Natural sponge
  • 1 Ceramic dish




Watercolour Pan Set With Water Brush

  • A good value kit for beginner-intermediate painters. Some of the pigments including Rose, Scarlet, Violet and Ultramarine are vibrant, making this a good choice for painting flowers and floral illustrations. The colour pans are deep and will last a relatively long time with moderate use.

    The water brush has a sharp tip made of good quality synthetic fibres with a large reservoir comparable to alternatives in the market.