ROKU Masterclass (Intermediate)


Experience drawing and painting like never before. Learn new ways of working with colour, form, and light that you never thought were possible.


This class is suitable for students from beginner to intermediate level who wish to develop their skills and knowledge in art. Our course is structured with some flexibility to the students' progress. 



Students will begin with charcoal and pencil drawing to build a strong foundation in drawing and observation. Once they are ready, they will  progress into acrylic and watercolour painting. Some of the themes explored include still life, landscape and figure/portrait drawing. 


Live demos are done as required to ensure that everyone is equipped with basic to intermediate techniques.

We provide expert knowledge of various mediums, composition and projects coupled with real world art knowledge and influences. We do our best to help everyone surpass their own expectations in their creative journey.


In the event where there are 5 Sundays in a month, there will be no session on the 5th Sunday.


ROKU Masterclass (Intermediate)

  • Basic materials will only be provided for the first lesson. You can choose to purchase the recommended materials from our studio or follow our material list at your preferred store.