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At ROKU Atelier, we believe in providing quality classes and workshops by giving our customers all the expertise and advice they need on materials and techniques, regardless of skill level.


Our youth classes are designed for a small number of students who are passionate about visual art and see themselves as the next generation of creatives with careers in art, design, craft, illustration, architecture.

We have also designed the best possible environment for art-making, to make sure everyone who comes by feels comfortable and at home in the space.


To express your interest to open a new adult class, please fill up the form below and we will get in touch with you with the details.  

Adult Classes


1. Why choose ROKU?

Our peaceful space located on a rooftop garden is the perfect spot to spend your evenings/ relaxing weekends. Here are a few reasons to choose us:

  • Small class size- we are able to hold more intimate sessions that are less stressful and more conducive.

  • More in-depth quality classes- we go into greater detail when teaching process and techniques and give the best advice for using and choosing materials

  • We encourage sharing and conversations about art- we regularly do sharing and critique sessions during our classes to help with learning and to create a more social environment.

  • Freedom- We don't prescribe a fixed way of doing things. Our courses will teach you the skills needed and more, but we encourage and guide you to discover your own unique style.

2. Will materials be provided?

This depends on the workshop/class you are attending. For one-time workshops, materials will usually be provided. If you are signing up for our weekly class, you will be advised on the materials to buy (either from us or outside). We can provide basic materials for the first session to get you started.

3. Do I need to have experience to join your classes?

Unless otherwise stated, most of our classes/workshops are open to beginners. 

4. I am/My child is applying for an art/design programme. Are you able to help?

Please see our Portfolio Prep page for more information.

5. Is there FOOD nearby?

There is a restaurant/cafe (Tenderbest) on the ground floor near the nearest lobby and also a coffee shop on the other side of the building. Kampung Admiralty is 10min walk away.

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